Promoting your business / organisation on social media has clearly become an essential aspect of any organisation serious about engaging customers and members. However, many organisations are stretched to the limit and can only engage with their customers occasionally or directly. This seriously impacts your ability to grow. 

Over 30 million people in the UK use Facebook, the largest but just one platform. If you are not using these services regularly you are at a distinct disadvantage.

How to solve?

Discuss your needs with Leftspace. We can offer to take content you want promoted and post this on your behalf, in your name, and any contacts from people will come directly to you. You can arrange this service from as little as 1 hour per week - increased according to your needs. This can be for as little as £20 per week on a month by month arramngement. You are not tied in to long term contarcts. Try it out - Contact us.

Engage with your contacts

  • Facebook users
    Over 30 million UK residents use Facebook.
    Twitter Users
    Over 16 Million UK residents use Twitter
  • Leftspace Services
    Leftspace can, from just 1 hour per week, promote your content on all major social media platforms. Just discuss your needs with us and we will provide a detailed proposal.
    Do not have any accounts?
    Leftspace can either use your existing accounts or assist you to set them up. Once established, we will take content agreed with you and promote on social media.